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Sarah Michelle Yoga

Are you looking for a non-competitive environment that

feels supportive and welcoming? 

Imagine how it would feel to take yourself

off auto pilot for a moment... 

To be part of a community that encourages

play, curiosity, growth and kindness...

I believe movement can be fun, challenging and rewarding.  With this in mind, I create classes that inspire creative play, practice more efficient movement and leave you feeling empowered.



Hi, I’m Sarah Michelle and I love sharing yoga with people who are looking for a way to create better movement and opportunities of stillness in their lives.  

When I started practicing yoga I wanted to keep moving and dreaded the quiet moments of stillness. 

Over time I began to appreciate the pause that yoga offered both on and off my mat. I found that when I practiced yoga, I felt a little more present in my life. 

After many years teaching children in elementary school classrooms, I began to see the importance of present awareness and quiet reflection. This led me to find a yoga teacher training course and share my new passion with others. The training I received with Pranalife Yoga gave me an opportunity to approach movement in a new and creative way. Although I still like to include a few basic traditional yoga postures in my practice, my hope is to encourage you to move in a way the feels supportive, useful and playful.


Custom & Private Classes

Children's Yoga

Book for your school, with your team or community event!

I am a yoga instructor, outdoor educator and certified school teacher who loves to share my time creating opportunities for children to learn, play and grow. 
While teaching children in the classroom, I discovered how moments of mindful breath and movement helped to re-centre and ground the energy of the class.
After teaching children aged 4-12 for several years in a classroom setting, I knew I wanted to share these valuable lessons teaching children yoga and mindfulness practices.

Mindful Movement

Schedule a class created for your specific needs

Balance the effects of your busy day with a movement class focused on getting what your body needs. Whether you sit for long periods during the day or you spend your days up on your feet, classes will leave you feeling empowered to move and find stillness in exactly the combination you need.

Family Yoga Classes

Take some time with your family to connect in the spirit of togetherness. 

Family Yoga classes give your family time to bond and connect, in a room filled with moments of laughter, concentration and quiet relaxation. The flow of the class is designed to accommodate each family member’s age and level of yoga experience. The goal of this class is to create stability, encourage ease and increase strength and balance. Your whole family can come together to explore the joys of yoga, with a combination of individual and partner poses. 



Education & Certification


Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training

with Asia Nelson

Rainbow Kids Yoga

Yoga for Children and Families

Restorative Yoga

Juici Yoga with Selam Debs

Bachelor of Education

Ontario Certified Teacher

Contact Me

Waterloo, ON, Canada

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